Marc's Platform

Medicare for all, a livable wage, and a quality education

End Corruption

Our politicians have been bought and paid for by the elites and the corporations, plain and simple. Until we get money out of politics our representatives won't serve us and will just be beholden to their corporate donors. To make sure there is no question who I work for, I will accept no money from lobbyists or big money interests EVER. I take only small, private donations from people like you and me.

Create Medicare For All

I believe healthcare is a human right. We must provide Medicare-For-All for our citizens. No one should be financially ruined just because they or their child gets sick. Providing healthcare for all Americans has an added benefit, it will free up resources and allow companies to invest in our economy instead of having to spend precious resources on supplying healthcare to their employees.

Create A Responsible Tax System

We don't need to raise taxes, we just need to enforce the tax laws on the books and close the loopholes to make the elites and the corporations pay their fair share. The middle class doesn't get "tax holidays", why should mega-rich multinational corporations?

Create free public higher education

We must be long-term thinkers. We must invest in our fellow Americans NOW, in order to grow our economy and flourish in the future. A great way to do that is to provide tuition-free access to colleges and trade schools so that every citizen can make their own version of the American Dream, a reality.

Institute A Living Wage

By paying all our workers a living wage, we can not only save money on social safety nets such as welfare and food stamps, but we can also give our economy a huge boost since when the middle class makes more money, we spend more money on food, clothing, home repairs, etc. Raise wages on working-class Americans, and we will be guaranteed growth and prosperity like we haven't seen in decades.

How Will You Help?

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